Choose The Right lens As Your Life Partner From The Best Optical Store In Jaipur

The Best Optical Store In Jaipur

Eyeglasses today have become important fashion accessories to complete your fashionable look. Just like stylish purses and belts your eyeglass also helps you complete your outlook and give it a new elegance. Moreover, just like there are brands for different accessories, eyeglasses are also not left alone. You will find famed brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Gucci, and Calvin Klein on your frame these days. So, now you don’t need to fret if your contact lenses bother you. Rather, check out our latest frames collection to give you face a new fresh look. Choosing a right frame for you is really a tough job it’s like choosing a perfect life partner. Well, we are here to solve all your trouble, because of you have-Khanna Vision as a best optical store in Jaipur.

As there is the fleeting advancement in technology, the type and quality of lenses are also advanced with time. In the past, we were not provided with a variety of options in lenses. They were only made of glass which was never convenient for us to handle and was also not comfortable enough. But, today there are array choices. Today most of the lenses are made of high-tech plastic. The new ones are light in weight, it doesn’t break easily and can also shield your eyes from damaging UV-rays.

The following lenses are lightweight, much thinner and also scratch resistant than glass/older plastic ones.

Polycarbonate lenses:

These lenses are lightweight and add more comfort to your eyes. If you are a person who is indulged in sports activities or work in places where there is a high chance that your glass can be damaged than it is a perfect one for you. They also provide you with 100% protection from UV rays. Buy Polycarbonate lenses from the best optical store in Jaipur.

Trivex lens:

These lenses rival the polycarbonate market; it is made of an exceptionally clear and lightweight material which translates into an excellent all-day wearing comfort. It gives you to the soothing experience and a superior eye protection.

High-Index Plastic lens:

A high-index plastic lens is a right choice if you want thinner, lighter lens and also the eyeglasses that are attractive as well as comfortable. High-index lenses are especially for those who have strong eyeglass prescription. So, if you are willing to purchase it, visit Khanna vision, your budget-friendly best optical store in Jaipur.

Aspheric lens:

These lenses have numerous degrees of curvature which means they can be thinner and fatter so that you can use an as much longer portion of the surface as you want. Nowadays more and more eyeglass wearers are switching to wear aspheric lenses.

Photochromic lens:

Photochromic lenses are eyeglass lenses that are clear indoors and gets automatically darken when you are exposed to sunlight. A photochromic lens may be made of glass, polycarbonate or another plastic. So, it is suited for the person who has to go out frequently for their work in high UV rays. Safeguard your eyes with Khanna Vision- the best optical store in Jaipur.

Polarized lens:

These lenses reduce glare from a surface like water so they are great for who are indulge in sports and driving. When wearing these you are able to see more clearly. Not to mention, it also helps to reduce harmful effects from ultraviolet light.

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Do you always have a thought in mind that why some eyeglass looks attractive on display in the optical shop but unluckily they are not so great when you try to wear it? Well! It could be because the frames are of the wrong style for your face shape. Yes! It’s true, your face shape always plays a crucial role while selecting a perfect eyeglass for you.

Khanna Vision presents an array of Face Shape Eyeglasses Frames that suits your personality!

Make your own Style Statement with the best optical store in Jaipur-Khanna Vision.

Oval face shape:

An oval face shape is one of the most ideal ones because of its balanced proportions in every way. In order to maintain a natural balance of your look for the frame that is wider than the broadest part of your face. In this case, walnut-shaped frames are really a good choice.

Heart Shaped Face:

A heart-shaped face has a wide top third and a narrow bottom third. For reducing the apparent width of the top face you must choose frame shapes that are wider on the bottom side. Frames which are thin, light-colored and rimless are a good choice.

Khanna Vision – Best Optical Shop In Jaipur

Oblong Face Shape:

An oblong face shape has a long straight cheek line. So, for making an oblong face look shorter and more balanced you must look for frames which have more depth than width.

Square Face Shape:

A square face shape has a strong jaw and a broad forehead. The width and length of this face have roughly the same proportions. To make you small face look longer you must go for frames that have more width than narrow ovals.

Diamond Face Shape:

Diamond shaped faces have broad cheekbones and are narrow at the forehead and jawline. If you want to highlight your eyes and soften your cheekbones you must look for rimless eyeglass or eyeglass of cat-eye shape would be a good choice.  So speak your style through an impeccable range from a collection of Khanna vision- best optical store in Jaipur.

Round Face Shape:

A round face shape has a curved line with the width and length in the same proportion and has no angles. If you want to make your round face appear thinner and longer, you must go with narrow eyeglass frames.

Base-Down Triangle Shape:

Bases down triangle face shape have a narrow forehead and are wide at the cheek and chin areas. To add width to your face you must try frames which are heavily accented with collar and the top half of the frame had detailing. You can also go for cat-eye shapes of frames. While choosing a perfect eyeglass for yourself to face shape is not the only factor that will determine which frame will look the best in you, the color of your skin, eye, and hair also play an important role. The best eyeglass will complement the coloration of your face, eyes, and hair. Looking for Cat-eye shape frame, visit your store Khanna vision-best optical store in Jaipur.

Get The Right Contact Lens From Khanna Vision-An Optical Shop In MI Road

Skin Tones:

Regardless of the color of your skin, skin tones are categorized as either, cool or warm. A cool complexion has blue or pink undertones and a warm complexion cream or yellow cast. Olive skin is considered to be a mixture of blue and yellow.

Eye Colour:

Eye color is usually a secondary element while determining your coloring because it has many variations of eye color. For example, blue eyes can range from cool almost violet to a pale blue-gray one. Brown eyes can vary from a lighter shade through a medium brown to almost black.

Hair Colour:

Hair color is also considered cool or warm.  Ash brown, white auburn, strawberry blonde, platinum, salt-and-pepper are cool. Warm hair colors include brown gold, dirty gray, brownish-black, golden blond.

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